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About me


"It’s not about perfect.  It’s about effort.  And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens.  That’s how change occurs." ~ Jill Michaels

I spent a large part of my life searching. In my early years I wanted to be a chef or a firefighter, while quite different they do share one common element, both are careers that serve people. I dropped those dreams when someone told me that I wouldn’t make enough money. They saw those occupations through their own life filter and didn’t hold space for a child’s dream. After that I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with my life. I started working full time when I was 16 going to school during the day and working as a janitor at night. I had a varied work life for the next 10 years from limousine driver to feed store manager to crushing rock samples at an assay lab. I also struggled at University moving from one major to another never finishing what I started because I just didn’t have a clue in what my future held.  

I emigrated from Canada to the United States in the mid 1990’s on borrowed money with no idea what I was meant to do or even what I wanted to do. I fell into a job at a bank and spent the next 26 years chasing the “American dream” trying to keep up with the Jones’ and focusing on building a successful career in corporate America.  I climbed the corporate ladder from part time mortgage assistant to Vice President leading 4 departments and a team of 65 people. The only problem is, that while building a career, I got lost and forgot to create a rich, wonderful life for myself that wasn’t tied in one form or another to my work.

I have always managed or influenced people in my career, but my role was to help people grow in the company objectives and not in their own. 

At 52 I knew there was more to life and it was time that I engaged fully in what life had to offer and find out what my true authentic purpose was calling me to do. I found the most amazing coach and set sail for personal exploration and I could not have imagined the transformation that would take place.

This has led me to my coaching business where I co-create with clients to discover and tap into their unique authentic expression that their inner self and the world is waiting for. My focus are Millennials looking to bring focus to your life.  I want to help you realize your potential before you reach 50. But, if you’re like me and want to discover what real possibility is, it’s truly never too late to start.

It is my experience that the universe is constantly sending signals, communicating with us, and conspiring for us.  We just need to be open to the possibilities that are all around.

When you are aligned you can tap into a magical guidance where limitless potential awaits us. I am the owner of Tap Into Being coaching. I am a coach that has walked the talk, I come from a place of direct experience. I spent some time in the shadows searching for my purpose in life when it was always right in front of me waiting to be discovered.

I want to help you harmonize the frequency of life and show you how to align with, and tap into, your true authentic self. My approach to life is one of authenticity, humility and always with a great sense of humor.


Dragonfly - Signifies a path to new worlds. They are about transformation and a change in perspective, energy, potential, maturity, depth of character, power, and poise. The dragonfly navigates with elegance and grace. The above picture contains the Chinese symbols of peace, tranquility, clarity, happiness.

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